Say Yes to No! Wait… What?

Being 20 is all about finding yourself and to find yourself you have to start saying no! We know what makes us happy we’ve been alive long enough to figure out that we prefer chocolate to banana milkshakes any day of the week. It’s time to start showing everyone who we really are. We’re not living in a movie and unless you’re Jim Carrey we shouldn’t say yes to everything we need that equal balance!

It’s time to stop saying yes to buying the next round in the dingy club you’ve spent every Thursday Friday and Saturday in since you was 18, don’t get me wrong being wasted is awesome but do we really need to do it all the time? No we don’t! It’s time to try something new maybe spend one of those nights watching movies or take up reading, everyone should read more it’s so underrated, and I’m not saying you should go into the nearest book store and grab Pride and Prejudice or How to Kill a Mocking Bird (trust me it’s not that easy) but thanks to the magic of iPhones you can download a book for 99p!

It’s time to leave your comfort zone, if we want to make it anywhere in this world, yes it’s scary at first but that also makes it exciting. Leaving your comfort zone is big, like its Beyoncé having twins big, and leaving it also means leaving people behind in it. We don’t need to be in any sort of cliques any more, you don’t need to be friends with so and so because they’re friends with your friends cousins sisters friend. Simple if you don’t have anything in common or you feel a negative vibe it’s time to leave them behind, don’t get me wrong I’m not asking you to start burning bridges and causing unnecessary drama in your life (well unless you like a bit of drama) you just need to create some distance make room for the other 7.442 billion other people/potential friends in the world.

Is social media still important? No! It’s time to stop staring at that photo you posted on Instagram 7 minutes ago to see if you have made it to 11 likes yet. No, seriously I mean it stop were not 14 and hashtagging follow4follow any more. The problem with social media is that everyone is always doing something if you have over 500 friends and one goes on holiday one week and another the next week we feel like we’re not achieving anything when chances are they’ve worked hard their whole year saving up for that one week holiday and they’re back to work on Monday! You need to stop investing your time envying someone else’s life and start enjoying your own! Don’t get me wrong I love social media and it’s a great way to keep in contact with long distance friends/family but we need to stop living in a virtual reality check your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc once a day at most and get out of closing the app down and reopening it straight back up. If you want a tip delete the app from your phone so you’re forced to log in using your internet browser trust me you’ll be spending much less time longing for someone’s one week girls holiday to Magaluf…

Sometimes we have to say no to make room for bigger yeses and in short term you may see all the down sides but in the long run the earlier we let go the easier it is. You need to do you this is your time you’ve got the whole of your twenties to mess up but it’s not worth messing up over the missed opportunities, if you don’t want to work in the industry you are now is the time to flip it the finger while you can afford to not when you’re 35 with kids and miserable you never said no while you had the chance.

Work hard, play harder and say no.

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What it’s Really Like Being 20

2B7FD7F0-5E18-454F-BA1B-96A5C4DD3707.jpegQuestion, is being in your twenties;

a) the best years of your life

b) the worst years of you life

c) all of the above

Maybe don’t answer that. This is why I have started this blog, it’s not a question you can answer before you have exited your twenties, I mean come on we have to give it a chance (right?).

Being 20 can be enchanting and destroying all at once (no there is no inbetween sorry guys). Seriously though think about it just for a second.

Finished thinking? Yeah. Well we dive deep (and I mean deep) into relationships which makes them amazing not just amazing but incredible! The romance, the passion, the sex and the obsession. Feels like we’re flying right? We’re still at that age where we get giddy, excited and butterflies. Oh my God the butterflies they’re just everywhere! The first kiss. The first touch. The first time you see each other naked. The first time they tell you they love you. Tell me you still get butterflies!

Unfortunately Sir Isaac Newton once stated that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So the deeper you dive the harder it is to resurface when shit hits the fan. For the lucky ones who don’t have to experience that heart break and pain hats off to you, no honestly I envy you!

Luckily for us the falling part is only a metaphor so we don’t break bones when it comes to an end we only break our hearts. Although there are upsides to heart break (I hope) and number one on my list has to be Taylor Swift. Yeah that’s right I’m a romantic and without heart break we wouldn’t have a Taylor Swift song for every emotion we have ever felt no matter what time of the day if we need a cry Taylor Swift has us covered!

Basically what I am trying to say is I’m still trying to figure out being 20, so for now I will remain twenteen.